How to play

How to Play

Don't be late for training!

We have created a library of videos and images that will help guide you through each and every step of Rising Star Football Edition. Learn how to play and what happens in specific scenarios to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from the game. As board game lovers ourselves we understand sometimes you like to play your own way but the information is in the rule book or these videos and images to solve any potential disagreement with your rivals! Just don't get caught cheating or your competitors might send you for an early bath!

Aim of the game

Have the greatest career, working your way to the top and be crowned Rising Star Champion!

Accumulate Career Points by defeating your opponents on the pitch.

Earn Money through your contracts and sponsorship deals.

Gain Fame by appearing in the Press and increasing your profile.

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Tiles & Cards

Agent Cards
When you land on the Agent tile pick up an Agent card. These include Agent representation cards, Movement cards, Sponsorship cards. A player can hold one Agent representation card at a time to help them negotiate for a better deal when the chance comes up. Their ability level corresponds with the extra offers made available for the player to choose from. Movement cards change the position of the player. Sponsorship cards can be held & payout if you land on the corresponding Sponsor Event tile.
Contract Cards
Each player starts with a Rising Star Contract and as they progress through their career they have the opportunity to accept and decline new offers, move clubs, be released as a free agent and use their Agent's skill to negotiate for a better deal. The contract card held by a player indicates their earnings for playing a Matchday or Reserves game, their loyalty bonus for renewing their deal and the buyout fee their club must pay if you are the subject of a transfer.
Press Cards
Being a professional footballer comes with the limelight and attention whether you like it or not. Rising Star: Football Edition is no different! When you land on a Press tile its time to see what the papers and the public think of you. You will find positive and negatives events happening throughout your career that impact your level of Fame and sometimes your finances.
Day To Day Cards
When you land on training or rest tiles you pick up a Day To Day card and an event will occur that can alter your career. It could effect your Fame, your finances, your position on the board and bring up certain scenarios or opportunities for you to capitalise on. Also, there are Match Event cards. If you pick these up be sure to keep them hidden from your opponents. You will have the opportunity to play these during matches to alter the result.
Pre Season
The game begins on this tile. If you land on or pass the PRE-SEASON tile during the game you receive the loyalty bonus on your contract.
When you land on a Training tile you pick up a Day To Day card.
When you land on a Rest tile you pick up a Day To Day card.
When you land on a Press tile you pick up a Press card.
Agent Tile
When you land on an Agent tile you pick up an Agent card.
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