Rising Star Football Edition

The Board of Dreams


Compete against family and friends in this fun and interactive board game where you have the chance to play out your dream of being a professional footballer. Can you defeat your rivals and become the Rising Star Champion?

Funding Options

We have created tiered funding options to suit everyone, whether you would just like to donate a small amount to get the project off the ground, be rewarded with your own copy of the game to play with your family and friends, receive extra bonus rewards or become the ultimate Rising Star Football Edition fan! Find out more about the different rewards available below and follow the link to visit our Kickstarter page and help fund the project today!

Stadium Fans

Armchair Fan

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Backers and contributors who choose this tier will be rewarded with a 10% Voucher Code. These will be delivered by email and redeemable through our website in the future.


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How To Play

Watch our overview of the game components to introduce yourself to the game and familiarise yourself with the board. Discover the aim of the game and what you need to do to win. Also there is a gallery guide to all of the tiles and cards. Feel free to click on them and read the descriptions. Put the training in now and you'll be beating your opponents in no time!

Tiles & Cards

Pre Season
The game begins on this tile. If you land on or pass the PRE-SEASON tile during the game you receive the loyalty bonus on your contract.
When you land on a Training tile you pick up a Day To Day card.
When you land on a Rest tile you pick up a Day To Day card.
When you land on a Press tile you pick up a Press card.
Agent Tile
When you land on an Agent tile you pick up an Agent card.
If you land on an opposing player’s tile you play a match against each other. Matches are played using the Match dice to simulate the score. Both you and your opponent roll at the same time and the result creates the score.
When you land on a Reserve tile you play out a match. Receive reserve fee for participating. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
Contract Negotiations
When you land on a CONTRACT tile you have entered contract negotiations with your current club. You take the next contract card from the top of the contract pile and compare with your current contract. If you wish to accept the new deal then you return your old contract to the bottom of the pile.
When you land on the Transfer tile you are deemed surplus to requirements and sold by your current club. You receive your buyout fee and have the chance to choose your next contract.
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Aim of the game

Have the greatest career, working your way to the top and be crowned Rising Star Champion!

Accumulate Career Points by defeating your opponents on the pitch.

Earn Money through your contracts and sponsorship deals.

Gain Fame by appearing in the Press and increasing your profile.

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Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to visit our Kickstarter campaign and help bring Rising Star Football Edition to life!


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Agent Tile

When you land on an Agent tile you pick up an Agent card.